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Functional department

Issuing time:2019-02-06 07:13

According to company's development needs,Bauch powertrain components (Taicang) Co.,Ltd divides four departments: Technical department,Quality assurance department,production control department/logistics department/purchasing department/HR department/cost control department/finance department etc four main departments.

Technology department:  is responsible for all process documents and the proofing of new products.

Quality assurance department: is responsible for product quality control, the audit and product quality control for the suppliers.

Production department : is responsible for the production,strengthen quota management,reduce consumption,improve labor productivity,to complete the orders delivery as required.

Purchasing department: is responsible for inquiry of new product development,acceptance and issuance of purchasing order,developing potential suppliers.

HR/Finance department: is responsible for the human resource management,cost control and finance management.

The business process of the company is based on the responsibilities of each functional department.

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