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Company History

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1993  The company was established as an one-man business
- Owner: Dipl. Ing. (FH) Manfred Bauch
- Planning and sales of machinery, gages, assembly technology and testing devices.

1995  Official IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Training Company for industrial designer and export specialists

1998  Erection of the new company building with warehouse and assembly shop.
Rebranding into "BAUCH ENGINEERING GmbH & Co. KG". Opening Changchun subsidiary.

2000 Start with the self developed small brewing machine.
Award for "Best Supplier of the year" by FAW-Volkswagen.

2002  Award for "Best Supplier/ Silver Award" by VW Shanghai.

2003  Establishing "BAUCH Powertrain Components (Taicang) Co., Ltd."

2007  Installation of epicyclic gear units for compressor test rig.

2008  Supply of two R&D truck transmission test rigs and one chassis dyno to FastGear

2009  Development of automatic guided vehicles.

2010  Supply of fully automatic transmission assembly line to FAW-VW MQ200

2012  Supply of fastest balance shaft line worldwide to SVW

2014  Enlargement of the company facilities for 2 additional floors, total 4 floor building.
Renovation factory building in Taicang.

2016  Construction of a new office building for the service in Taicang in cooperation with EMCO-Group.

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